What On Earth Is Happening To The Schumann Wave?

For the third time in four weeks, the Schumann wave has spiked to new highs. This time we hit an incredible 110hz. If you still think this has no impact on you think again! Put simply, the Schumann wave, also called “breath of the earth”, measures the resonance of the earth.

Until four years ago the Schumann resonance of the earth oscillated between 7hz and 12hz. The perfect Schumann wave resonance is 7.83hz. This frequency has been studied by scientists from the early 19th century and has shown us some amazing correlations to the health of life on earth.

Scientists from the Max Plank Institute in Germany discovered in the sixties that humans cannot function when the 7.83hz frequency is not present. This astounding discovery, not talked about in the main stream media, is further corroborated by the fact that a healthy brain and a healthy earth have been shown to resonate at exactly the same frequency. That frequency is 7.83hz. (I discuss these scientific experiments in detail in my HOLISTIC Feng Shui book.)

Here is the big problem humanity faces today: it affects your trading brain

The frequencies of the earth are clearly rising and our brains have a tough time keeping up with it. You probably have never considered what this is doing to your trading brain!

I have worked since 2001 as a trader and trading coach to professional, independent traders. A large part of my work consists of the study of earth energies and how they relate to the brain. My work has enabled me to develop strategies that help traders brains to harmonize for better trading..

Since the absolutely astounding mega spikes of the Schumann waves I have observed a clear relationship between freaky, dysfunctional behaviour and physical issues. I have had many emails from traders complaining that they cannot focus and are feeling anxious..

This is hardly surprising because our bodies cannot withstand prolonged frequency spikes above 60 hz of several hours and more will impact on our sense of well being.

Our brains are out of alignment with the earth’s frequencies because the steadily rising Schumann waves are now oscillating at approximately 16 hz most of the time.

Your inner compass is no longer aligned with the compass of the earth.

We need this alignment to lead orderly lives.

It appears that the phenomenon is part of a massive cycle the world is going through. Our entire milky way is moving to a different part in our galaxy. The magnetic poles of the earth are shifting.

The big joker in the pack though is manmade EMF,(elector magnetic frequencies) from computer equipment, wi-fi equipment, cell towers, dirty electricity and so on.

These energies are wreaking havoc with the natural frequencies of the earth and the earth’s ionosphere. Our bodies are able to withstand higher amounts of naturally occurring frequencies, yet when they are manmade our bodies are unable to cope.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that a little bit of positive thinking will get things back to how they were. They won’t.

Are we helpless? No. We cannot change the large super cycle of transition the earth is going through. However we can change the energy in our environment and clean up our act.