The Great Pyramid and the Book of Enoch – Evidence For the Identity of the Architect and the Builder

The world is filled with many mysterious objects. Stonehenge, Easter Island, and the Nazca lines are just a few of the archeological mysteries discovered by modern civilizations. The identity of the builders of these structures are unknown and it seams the most plausible explanation for their existence seams to be Extraterrestrial. The Great Pyramid is probably the most significant architectural mystery known to humankind. There are many theories as to who built it and when. The most fascinating examination of the oldest manuscripts points to a human named Enoch. Enoch, the Prophet, was the grandfather of Noah. He lived in the mythological time before the great deluge, and is the first human to ever chronicle his own abduction by man like creatures from another part of the Galaxy.

While back on Earth, Enoch was under the tutelage of “The Holy and Honored Angels.” He was shown the intricate arrangement of the cosmos and the unseen elements and forces at play in the Universe. His book references a circular universal clock that is set in motion for prophetic time’s sake. It explains the meteorological, hydrological, and the physiological workings of the Earth and the complex orbital geometry necessary to construct the astronomically aligned pyramids and cities located around the world. We hypothesize that no other human historical archetype had all of the necessary components to design and construct the most mysterious and complicated object known to man. We hypothesize that Enoch designed the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Eloheem instructed Enoch to teach his children and to write it down for future generations. In Enoch’s days write meant inscribe in stone tablets. The Great Pyramid in Egypt is the geometric metaphor for the story of The Adamic Race through time. Enoch not only wrote it down in letter form. He used The Watchers to arrange a geometric maze of stone, passages, and angles to insure that there could be no mistaking the divine validity of the manuscripts. You can add dots and lines to text to make a word that means yellow be defined as banana. But no one can alter the original construction of this amazing structure or the prophetic genealogical history locked into its hallways and passages.

To believe that twenty thousand highly skilled laborers stacked each stone with laser precision in just twenty years is an impossible feat even for today’s engineering technologies. The evidence exists that Enoch was given the astronomical and geographical information necessary to design the Pyramid. But he could never have been able to ensure the astronomical accuracy in the end using just chisels and hammers. Even if twenty thousand men could stack the estimated 2.4 million blocks of stone in a precise arrangement, astronomically aligned to the four directions of the compass, they could not have possibly arranged the interior geometry of passages and distances that tell the story of The Adamic Race in the same amount of time.

The Actual positioning and alignment of the stones with the stars to the degree of accuracy necessary to construct it would have been impossible without lasers and infrared telescopes. You would need extraterrestrial technologies or you would need Angels. The only human capable of orchestrating the construction of the Pyramid is Enoch. No other faith, myth, wives tale, or any other attempt at creation science even comes close to containing the scientific information provided in Enoch. But no human could have ensured the accuracy of the alignment of the stones. No human could have cut these stones with the degree of accuracy that they were cut. Enoch built the Great Pyramid using Watchers from heaven.

Before these things Enoch was hidden, and no one of the children of Men knew where he was hidden, and where he abode, and what had become of him. And his activities had to do with the Watchers, and his days were with the Holy Ones. -The Book of Enoch XII: 1

The opening eleven chapters of Enoch are of his famous testimony regarding the second advent of Messiah and the fate of the Fallen Watchers. It details the activities of these Fallen Angels and the crimes against humanity for which they were convicted. Enoch is shown these and other things while with the Holy and Honored Angels. Then Enoch is clear that before he was shown these things he was also with the Watchers. He was in a secret place where none of the Children of Men knew where he was hidden and his activities had to do with the Watchers.

Meaning: Enoch was with Superior Angels with knowledge of the Galactic Arrangement, and he was doing something that can be best described as a series of activities, and not one human could see him or know where he was. We hypothesize that Enoch was instructed in all things and then returned to Earth with a secret plan to build the Great Pyramid and the associated structures that make up the Orion Pyramid Complex and that he used Angels to cut and position each stone. Enoch, as the first Master Mason, orchestrates the construction of the building in sections and the Angels, each ignorant of the others pieces and positions, carve the stones to the dimensions required by Enoch’s verbal blue prints. And then Enoch told them how to put it all together.

At that time, there will exist, an altar to Yeheveh, in central Egypt, a memorial stone set up, to Yeheveh, at the edge. And it will be a monumental testimony to Yeheveh. TGR – Isaiah 19:19

The term Pyramid comes from a compound word comprised of two distinct ideas. The Egyptian name for the Pyramid is Khuti, or lights. This term was translated into Egyptian from the Hebrew/Hebrew term Urim, or “the lights.” The Hebrew term Urim appears in The Manuscripts in just seven instances. It is almost always associated with one of two stones on the breastplate of Aaron and they were used to provide righteous judgment in the Holy of Holies. The term means light but it is always used within the context of righteous judgment from Yeheveh. It usually appears with the Hebrew term Thummin, the 2nd stone of judgment on the breastplate. Urim-middin is a compound word meaning “the lights, the measures.” The Greek word Pur means light source and when translated into Greek the word becomes “Purim-midden” and we transliterate that into Pyramid.

“Now we saw that the original of the name “Pyramid” was the Chaldae “Urim-middin,” literally “the lights-the measures.” In its Hebrew sense we now see that the name signifies literally “Revelation-Measures,” this defining that the Great Pyramid is “the Metrological or geometrical Expression of Divine Revelation.” If this determination is correct, we have a complete explanation of the statement in Jeremiah xxxii, 18-20-

‘The Great, the Mighty God, the Lord of Hosts, is his name, Great in counsel, and mighty in work…….. Which hast set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, even unto this day…….. ‘

This explanation would account for the use of a Pyramid symbolism in the allegorical language of the Old and New Testaments. In such allegorical references, the mystical body of Christ is likened to the Pyramid with Christ Himself as the Apex-Stone – The Headstone of the Chief Corner.”-The Great Pyramid, Its Message, Davidson & Aldersmith, pp. 233

Is the Great Pyramid the Bible in Stone? A new examination of the structure and a comprehensive analysis of scripture may determine just that.