On-Demand Training Delivered on-Demand: 7 benefits

The technology revolution has opened up many new possibilities

During the last few decades, demand-based training has become more common in the workplace as technologies have advanced, including audio, video, and software. It is now possible for employees, wherever they are, to access this type of training at any time and from anywhere. Providing on-demand training for employees has several benefits for companies.

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1. Compliance is enhanced by convenience.

Having on-demand training available 24/7 makes it more likely that employees will follow training requirements and not have to be reminded or criticised for not completing them on time. A traditional instructor-led training is time-consuming for employers and managers, who must coordinate multiple schedules to get everyone together for a traditional training. On-demand training also offers convenience for employers and managers, who don’t have to lose an entire team or department at once.

2. Quality that is consistent.

A training program’s quality is heavily influenced by its instructor, which means that different instructors’ training outcomes may vary dramatically. Companies must choose the right presenter for on-demand training – the presenter will be the same and the training will be of the same quality.

3. Easily updated.

As opposed to retraining instructors and rewriting course materials, an update done once can be updated for all participants going forward. Every aspect comes from a single source, rather than from disparate sources that need to be notified and tracked down.

Workers and managers alike benefit from on-demand training.

4. Less expensive.

Software and production for training might be more expensive up front, but once they are put together, they should only cost a few pennies for electricity and possibly some work time for an unlimited amount of employees.

5. Contributes to independence.

In today’s world, people prefer to learn independently, and on-demand training allows employees to learn independently while still providing them with the right information. By allowing on-demand training, companies could gain goodwill by allowing employees to train separately.  One way you can promote health and wellness in the workplace is by offering this benefit.

6. Provides opportunities for expert partnerships.

For in-person training, you will have to find an expert nearby or willing to travel (which is extremely expensive). In contrast, a video training can be prepared once by a national expert and used as many times around the world as needed. You can also increase the cost-effectiveness of your on-demand training programs by partnering with local universities.

7. The collection of data has been improved.

You can collect data through interactive features available in your training in order to analyze how employees respond to the training and how they participate. It is possible to measure whether participants can accurately answer questions about the materials using data.

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