Is Your Medical Assistant Resume Recession Proof?

Today’s medical assisting job market is highly competitive and extremely challenging. With more and more candidates applying for jobs, getting an employer’s attention becomes increasingly challenging.

Here’s how to move your medical assistant resume to the top of the heap.

Update Your Old Resume

It’s not hard to get lax if you’ve been at the same job for many years. If you’re fresh on the market or seeking new employment, pull out the last resume used. This won’t list your most recent accomplishments so allow yourself a thorough review. You may decide preparing a new resume from scratch is the best approach.

Keep the Bottom Line in Sight

The bottom line is what you can bring to the table. Always format your resume and experiences in a way that will bring value to the employer. Employers glance over resumes so make sure the bottom line stands out.

Close the Gaps in Your Resume

It may not be a bad idea to showcase your skills and experience up front. This type of format helps to downplay previous positions and employment dates with work history gaps, and focuses on your accomplishments instead. Include medical assistant training you have completed as well as certifications you have received. This format may work well if you’re an industry veteran and looking to switch careers. Check the Internet or various career publications for an example of this type of resume.

Customize Your Resume

You can customize your skills and experiences to fit the requirements of each job or position you’re pursuing. This allows you to speak directly to an employer of interest. It may take a little time and effort, but it can increase your chances of finding employment.

Edit for Mistakes

All it can take is just two typographical errors on a resume to remove a candidate for consideration. Grammatical mistakes can be an indication you lack professionalism and a keen attention to detail. It is best if you can get someone qualified to proofread your resume.

Be Sure to Include a Strong Objective Statement

Here are a few objective statement examples:

  • To obtain a medical assistant position that offers both personal and professional growth
  • To obtain a permanent position in medical assistant administrative and clinical areas
  • To utilize my diverse medical assistant skills in a modern group practice environment

Your goal is to stand out from the crowd and give the employer the impression you are the right person for the job.