At 50, She Still Breast-Feeds – Is This Normal?

“Only trees, rocks and built structures remain static in their original state or location, even in the face of imminent destruction, but human beings can avoid possible hazards and threats by utilizing their intelligence”.

A journey of one thousand miles, they say, begins with a foot. This is always true. The destination or end of these miles so to speak can sometimes be good, it can sometimes be bad. Sometimes it is said in maturity, that is, it is planned and at another, it is left to the fate of unarranged influence.

Philosophers quote that one thing is permanent, “change”, and this change could be positive or negative.

A baby born some fifty years ago, that still crawls and breast-feeds needs a serious medical or spiritual attention. In this context, is there any change in the life of such baby? What kind of attention could be giving to a country, fifty years of age – medical, spiritual or otherwise?

October 1, 1960, a new child was born and Nigeria became an independent nation, a country for Nigerians, ruled by Nigerians and for the benefit of Nigerians. The joy of independence was enormous and the green-white-green was enthroned over the Union Jack (British flag). As the jubilation continues, she sought for total control and attained the status of the Republic in 11963, and became the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The atmosphere created then was that of peace, hope, pride and dignity. That was the time when you can proudly say “I am a Nigerian”. Nigerian economy was recorded to be good and was actually a world class assessment. The world was forced to recognize Africa and independent African nations like Nigeria. Today, the story is no longer the same, as the reverse is now the case. Everything changes with time, either for good or for bad. Nigeria still breast-feeds compared to other countries that falls within her age group. Let’s share the following reasons before you conclude your own fact.

One of the primary aims of the country is to protect the lives and properties of her citizens. This primary aim has been defeated, and is far-[fetched from the citizens of this great nation. There is no security in Nigeria; her citizens are intimidated every now and then. Human rights are violated because of are insecurity. Kidnapping is a lucrative business in Nigeria as lives and properties are not protected, banks are robbed even with notice before the actual day of robbery.

Imagine a country, celebrating her golden jubilee, and there was bomb blast at the federal capital territory. People live in fear while others left their homes and properties seeking for refuge where there is no shelter. I cleave only to the biblical injunction “If the lord watches not a city, in vain do the watchmen.”

The rate of unemployment in the country is quite alarming. There is no job for graduates graduating in her tertiary institutions not to talk of non graduates. Where is the hope of these future leaders when there is no foundation for them? How are these going to survive? Any plans for them?

Research proved that with consistent power supply, the rate of unemployment is reduced. The fact is, you can not plan anything with power supply in the country. You can not even boast of a week power supply when other African neighboring countries are celebrating years or uninterrupted power supply.

When will she stops breast-feeding and grow into maturity? When will these change for good comes when almost every sector in the country practice corruption and there is economic meltdown, which has subjected most citizens to abject poverty? Marginalization, Strike, political thuggery and electoral rigging, hired assassins, godfatherism, accidental discharge, exam malpractice, dilapidated roads and so on has taken over the day.

At 50, Nigeria is toddling and needs attention or guide in every sector. What legacy has she laid for the sands of time? Where is her pride and dignity? I am a Nigerian and can’t run away from my dear country. Let us start building now because the foundation is decayed, let’s go to the ants, learn her ways and be wise.