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YOUNGSTOWN — The next area Youngstown Point out University pupils have been named to the President’s Listing for earning a fantastic 4. quality stage regular through Spring Semester 2021. To be qualified for the President’s Listing, honorees will have to be total-time undergraduate pupils with a 4. GPA for minimum 12 semester several hours of classes..

. Marlie Applegarth, an Accounting key of New Springfield.

. Makayla Arcuragi, a Psychology main of East Liverpool.

. Megan Ash, an EC EC Intervention Professional significant of Lisbon.

. Brenna Auer, an Undetermined Schooling main of Lisbon.

. Jeremy Balmenti, a Organization Administration major of Negley.

. Lindsey Barnett, a Psychology important of Salem.

. Kenyon Baumgardner, an Artwork Studio Graphic + Interactive Layout Keep track of important of East Palestine.

. Justin Binkiewicz, a Legal Justice Associate big of Columbiana.

. Jenna Binsley, a Promoting Management main of New Springfield.

. Isaac Bobin, a Skilled and Technical Writing major of East Palestine.

. Erin Bodine, a Nursing BSN big of Columbiana.

. Madison Borchardt, a Higher education Credit history Plus big of Columbiana.

. Cassandra Brandt, an English important of Lisbon.

. Logan Brine, a Forensic Science big of Salem.

. Tara Brooke, a Business enterprise Administration big of North Lima.

. Haleigh Brooks, a Pre Nursing important of East Liverpool.

. Morgan Brown-Kistler, a Typical Research important of Columbiana.

. Branson Brownfield, a Organic Sciences major of Lisbon.

. Sheldon Brownfield, an Undecided main of Salem.

. Perry Brush, a Dental Cleanliness significant of Alliance.

. Thurston Burt, a Political Science key of Columbiana.

. Paige Butcher, a Felony Justice main of Salem.

. Alyssa Bush, an EC EC Intervention Specialist important of East Palestine.

. Braden Cartwright, a Pre Nursing main of Wellsville.

. Tara Casanta, a Social Perform big of Columbiana.

. Timothy Chamberlain, a Mechanical Engineering key of Wellsville.

. Madison Chapman, a Small business Administration main of Columbiana.

. Feng Chen, a Nursing BSN main of Salem.

. Brock Cheurco, a Finance Money Management Observe important of East Palestine.

. Patricia Chick, a Nursing RN to BSN important of East Palestine.

. Lindsey Chludzinski, a Biological Sciences main of Lisbon.

. Logan Clark, a Conversation Experiments Interpersonal/Organizational Monitor significant of Columbiana.

. Sean Congemi, a Special Instruction Delicate-to-Average Disabilities big of Columbiana.

. Alexander Cox, a Organic Sciences key of Leetonia.

. Abigail Crawford, an Integrated Language Arts Schooling major of Salem.

. Emily Crawford, a Special Instruction Mild-to-Moderate Disabilities big of Salem.

. Mitchell Crawford, a Pre Legislation main of Rogers.

. Daniel Creed, a Normal Studies main of North Lima.

. Elizabeth Cusick, an EC EC Intervention Professional main of New Waterford.

. Logan Daggy, a Particular Instruction Moderate-to-Moderate Disabilities significant of East Rochester.

. Hannah-Beth Darlington, an Anthropology major of East Palestine.

. Mitch Davidson, an Accounting key of Columbiana.

. Heidi Delehanty, a General public Wellbeing key of New Waterford.

. Anthony DeLucia, a Promoting Management important of North Lima.

. Rocco DeLucia, a Finance Monetary Administration Observe major of North Lima.

. Eva Deruyter, an Workout Science big of Lisbon.

. Heather Dougherty, an Built-in Language Arts Education and learning key of Leetonia.

. Victor Duncan, a Business Administration important of Salineville.

. Emily Emch, a Finance Economical Administration Observe big of New Waterford.

. Molly Emch, a Faculty Credit Plus big of New Waterford.

. Ryan Emch, a Faculty Credit score Moreover significant of New Waterford.

. Emily Felger, a Psychology important of East Palestine.

. Angel Fickes, a Internet marketing Administration main of Columbiana.

. Alyssa Fillion, a Criminal Justice important of Leetonia.

. Zoe Finsley, a College Credit In addition main of Columbiana.

. Gabriel Fitch, a Mechanical Engineering major of Salem.

. Kaitlyn Francis, a Promoting Administration main of North Lima.

. Alexander Gabbert, an EC EC Intervention Specialist major of Lisbon.

. Samantha Geary, an Artwork Studio Graphic + Interactive Structure Track main of Salem.

. Abigail George, a Biology Pre Veterinary main of Salem.

. Lexie Gentry, an Undecided significant of Lisbon.

. Kayla Gilmore, a New music Effectiveness Instrument key of Chester.

. Adrianna Goehring, a School Credit score Additionally important of Columbiana.

. Kelsey Gorcheff, a Psychology significant of North Lima.

. Grace Groner, a Psychology main of Petersburg.

. Gina Gulutz, a Dental Hygiene big of East Liverpool.

. Jenna Guthrie, an Training Science major of Salem.

. Taylor Corridor, an EC EC Intervention Specialist main of Columbiana.

. Justin Harris, a Felony Justice important of North Lima.

. LeeAnn Harsha, a University Credit In addition main of Lisbon.

. Gabriel Heinrich, a Higher education Credit history In addition key of Leetonia.

. Clark Hergenrother, a History big of Salem.

. Sydnie Holden, an Undecided major of East Liverpool.

. Cassandra Holsopple, an Art Studio Graphic + Interactive Style Keep track of significant of East Palestine.

. Julia Hum, a Pre Nursing important of Columbiana.

. Cole Hutcheson, a Small business Administration major of Salem.

. Kayla Jackson, a Mechanical Engineering big of Washingtonville.

. Camryn Jarrett, an Work out Science main of Salem.. Taylor Javey, an Work out Science major of Youngstown.

. Brandon Johnston, a Biological Sciences significant of Columbiana.

. Derek Pleasure, an Integrated Sciences Education and learning major of Lisbon.

. Kyla Kackley, a Biological Sciences major of Alliance.

. Dustin Lane, a STEM First Calendar year Engineering major of Lisbon.

. Alyssa Laubacher, an Promotion and Community Relations main of Salem.

. Joshua Lehwald, a Finance Monetary Management Track key of Salem.

. Delaney Significantly less, a Political Science main of Salem.

. Mitchell Lindsay, an Info Technological innovation key of New Waterford.

. Jonathan Lissi, an English key of New Waterford.

. Jacob Logan, a Mechanical Engineering Technological know-how main of Salem.

. Daniel Macinga, a Nursing BSN main of North Lima.

. Justin Marrie, a Pre Nursing important of Columbiana.

. Ashley Marx, an EC EC Intervention Specialist key of Salem.

. Mandy McIntosh, a University Credit score As well as important of East Palestine.

. Elizabeth McGarry, a Administration important of Columbiana.

. Chelsea McNeal, a Nursing BSN major of North Lima.

. Madison Meek, a Psychology big of East Palestine.

. Amanda Mellott, a Psychology main of Columbiana.

. Purity Millard, an Undecided major of Sebring.

. Emma Minamyer, a Civil Engineering big of Salem.

. Joshua Mohney, a STEM To start with Yr Engineering key of East Palestine.

. Abigail Monte, a Particular Education Moderate-to-Moderate Disabilities main of East Liverpool.

. Emily Monte, a Business enterprise Administration key of East Liverpool.

. Nathanael Montgomery, a Theatre important of Columbiana.

. Alyssa Moore, a Forensic Science key of East Palestine.

. Alexandria Moreschi, a Nursing BSN big of Columbiana.

. Amanda Moreschi, a Prison Justice significant of Columbiana.

. Jacob Mundy, a Mechanical Engineering main of Lisbon.

. Nicolas Mundy, an Undecided significant of Lisbon.

. Alyssa Newton, a Center Childhood Education and learning Math/Science Trk key of Columbiana.

. Emma Norris, a Public Wellbeing key of Columbiana.

. Mary Nyers, a Sociology key of Columbiana.

. Evan Ohlin, a Pre Nursing major of Petersburg.

. Delanie Pagnucco, a Human Source Management significant of Salem.

. Caitlin Parks, a Felony Justice main of Lisbon.

. Marissa Patrone, an EC EC Intervention Expert key of New Waterford.

. Edward Pennicuff, an Accounting major of East Liverpool.

. Katelyn Pfouts, a College or university Credit history In addition significant of Columbiana.

. Natalie Plunkett, a STEM To start with Calendar year Engineering significant of Salem.

. Sarah Rambo, a Mathematics major of Columbiana.

. Candace Riddle, a Social Function key of Columbiana.

. Natasha Salmen, a Biological Sciences BaccMed Keep track of key of Leetonia.

. Hunter Saltsman, an Details Technological know-how important of Wellsville.

. Morgan Sauerwein, a Special Instruction Gentle-to-Average Disabilities important of Salem.

. Thomas Saunders, a Mechanical Engineering major of Columbiana.

. Travis Schauer, a Mathematics major of Columbiana.

. Joseph Schneider, an Accounting big of North Lima.

. Adaline Schragal, a Psychology major of New Springfield.

. Kassandra Seabolt, a Political Science major of New Waterford.

. Collin Shultz, a STEM Know-how BSAS significant of Salem.. McKenna Simms, an Artwork Education and learning big of Wellsville.

. Chastity Singer, a Nursing RN to BSN important of Salem.

. Emily Siracuse, an Anthropology key of East Palestine.

. Paige Smith, a Marketing Administration major of New Springfield.

. Trevor Smith, a Marketing and advertising Administration major of Salem.

. Delaney Snyder, a Nursing BSN key of East Palestine.

. Jonathan Snyder, a Mathematics major of Salem.

. Gina Soldano, a Social Do the job key of Wellsville.

. Brittany Spalding, a Social Get the job done key of New Waterford.

. Lauren Stauffer, an EC EC Intervention Professional main of Lisbon.

. Abigail Stephens, a Higher education Credit history As well as major of Sebring.

. Brenton Stith, an EC EC Intervention Specialist important of Salem.

. Alexia Stoy, a Higher education Credit Moreover major of Columbiana.

. Jon Straney, a Legal Justice Affiliate key of New Waterford.

. Madison Stryffeler, a Nursing BSN big of Columbiana.

. Paige Tabor, a College Credit score As well as significant of North Lima.

. Zachary Tabor, a Business Administration big of North Lima.

. Edward Tatta, a Computer system Science important of Leetonia.

. Spencer Tatta, a Marketing and advertising Administration main of Leetonia.

. Zachary Townsend, a Finance Economic Management Monitor main of East Palestine.

. Anna Turnbull, a Biology Pre Veterinary important of North Lima.

. Ryan Turnbull, a Finance Qualified Financial Planner Track significant of North Lima.

. Katelyn Urs, an English important of North Lima.

. Hannah Virden, a Pre Social Operate major of East Liverpool.

. Valerie Vittori, an Integrated Social Studies Education key of Salineville.

. Reimi Vrabel, an Promotion and Community Relations important of Columbiana.

. Schanvel Wall, a Business Administration key of Youngstown.

. Jaycie Watt, an Physical exercise Science significant of Salem.

. Shreve Weaver, a Biochemistry major of East Liverpool.

. Kimberlee Wiggers, a Nursing BSN main of Lisbon.

. Blake Williams, a Biology Pre Professional medical significant of Negley.

. Delaney Willoughby, an EC EC Intervention Professional big of Salem.

. Jennifer Smart, a Exclusive Training Moderate-to-Moderate Disabilities significant of East Liverpool.

. Edward Wrask, a Pre Law key of Salem.

. Allison Zepernick, a Administration main of Kensington.

. Bradley Zouck, a STEM Engineering important of Columbiana.

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