Why You Need to Do “Bully Maintenance” to Protect Your Child

Are you sick and tired of your child dealing with bullying at school?

Well, once your child has slowed the bullying down, you and your child will have to continue to do bullying maintenance from time to time.

What do I mean by that?

Many bullies will stop when your school has followed the 11 SIMPLE STEPS FOR ZAPPING BULLIES. But, there is almost a guarantee that after some time has passed, they will begin bullying again.

In my experience as a school counselor, the bullying is not as intense the second time. Bullies are not cured overnight. They try over and over to tease and harass your child.

So, what do you do now?

You do “bullying maintenance”!

What is that?

You need to repeat some of the steps you took to get the bullying to stop –

Ask the school counselor to speak to the bully again.

The counselor strongly reminds the bully of the harsh consequences of bullying.

The bully’s parent can be called… possibly for the second or third time.
An administrator can take disciplinary action.

97% of the bullying stops much easier the second or even third time around if you and your child continue to confront it. You will win!

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