Which Chinese Lesson Should You Choose?

You will have four main options of choosing the best Chinese lesson for your needs.  The four main types are Rosetta Stone Chinese, Pimsleur Chinese, Rocket Chinese, and Fluenz Chinese.  There is bound to be one Chinese lesson manufacturer that will fit your style of learning as well as your budget.

Rosetta Stone –  Level 1 will teach you how to learn fundamental vocabulary as well as essential language structure, all the way from greetings and introductions to simple question along with their answers.  With the Rosetta Stone Audio Companion, you will be able to practice each Chinese lesson anywhere no matter if you are at the gym, in the car, or on-the-go!  The Rosetta Stone Audio CompanionTM will allow the learner to access the power of this language course whenever and wherever they want.  Audio Companion empowers the learner to be able to extend the total learning time of each Chinese lesson – even with a busy lifestyle!

Pimsleur Chinese – This language course is composed of thirty lessons of essential vocabulary and grammar as well as a Culture Booklet.  When you have completed the Level I program, you will be pleased to know that you will have functional spoken proficiency with this Mandarin online program.  You will also be able to do the following:

* Initiate and maintain conversations with people on a face-to-face level.

* You will be able to deal with situations as they arise daily such as asking for directions, information, etc.

* With this Mandarin online program, you will be able to take part in casual conversations.

* You will be able to avoid basic cultural errors.

* You will be able to satisfy your own personal needs as well as limited social demands.

* With Pimsleur Mandarin online, you will be able to establish good relationships with strangers in foreign countries.

Rocket Chinese – If you want a practical course that will help you to learn Mandarin online, then you will definitely want to look into Rocket Chinese.  This program was developed because of the poor materials that were already on the market.  An excellent learning kit, Rocket Chinese is a great learning tool for you to master each Chinese lesson so that you will be able to speak Chinese.  This beginners course includes 31 grammar lessons, 31 interactive audio lessons, a members only forum and verb and vocabulary and verb software games.  There is a 60-day money back guarantee associated with Rocket Chinese, and you can even download a free sample course.  Just think; you will be able to master Mandarin online as well as each Chinese lesson with full confidence.

Fluenz Chinese – A small team developed Fluenz Mandarin 1 and 2 who had the determination to find a path through the Chinese language that would make sense to those who spoke English.  This is a unique perspective that is able to help learners master the basics at a faster pace.  The vocabulary and grammar are explained in English by a competent tutor.  Fluenz Mandarin online takes advantage of advanced media technology in order to create an immersive learning environment.  This will help you to learn every Chinese lesson in a classical educational setting right on your computer.  The end result is the most comprehensive, powerful program for learning Mandarin online.

Here you have examples of four ways of learning the Chinese language.  Each one will make learning each Chinese lesson fun and enjoyable.  Out of these four programs, you may want to do a little more research into the popular Rosetta and Rocket programs for learning Mandarin online.