There is a lot to be said about the significance of skull jewelry for men.

Men’s jewelry and accessories often feature the skull and crossbones emblem.

A skull and crossbones has long been associated with mysticism and occultism. Many civilizations and mythologies have images of skulls in their folklore.

For example, the skull is a favorite of the gothic and biker communities as well as the occultist and meditative.

What’s the deal with this sudden surge of acceptance? What does the skull represent?

The significance of a skull in various cultures.

Among the Celtic peoples, there has long been a belief that the souls of those buried in graves are preserved in their skulls. The skulls of ancestors and foes were kept and displayed with special care because of this.

The dead skulls of defeated adversaries were returned to the temples of the Celts as a means of controlling the spirits of the dead. This was also the goal of some North American Indian groups, who would use captured foes to their advantage.

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Skull cups were fairly widespread among the ancients. It was as if he drank from a person’s skull, absorbing the vital essence that was there.

Buddhist sects utilize skulls as amulets to remind them of the importance of life. One of the most mysterious powers in many cultures is represented by the skull (manna). Skulls are kept in sacred places by several upper Amazonian tribes.

It is said that those who possess these skulls have the ear of the departed. A dead person’s power is transferred to you, allowing you to drive away evil and aggressive demons.

It’s not the end of the world in Mexican and other civilizations; rather, it’s merely a transition between lives. For these people, a skull represents both death and rebirth. Is the message that death isn’t the end of your existence, but rather a transition to a new state?

Many cultures, particularly those in the East, held that the skull was a repository for the spirit, life force, and intelligence of the deceased.

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A hermit’s symbol is the skull.

Skulls have long been a symbol of death and served as an immediate reminder of that fact. However, not everyone realizes that the symbolism of a skull is intimately tied to hermits, who have long had the will of seclusion and musings on life and its conclusion, namely death. Therefore, it is thought that a person who picks skull jewelry is not oblivious to such important themes as life, death and loneliness. A man who wears skull jewelry is not afraid of “supernatural” issues, regarding death as a simple stage, a journey to another planet.

Skull jewelry in trend

Symbols mean a lot to persons who know their core. However, fashion establishes its own norms. Elegant jewelry with a skull will offer a man who wears it a touch of persistence and vibrations of cruelty. Even if an item is richly embellished with stones, no one will dare to consider it glamorous. On the contrary, being able to wear such jewelry signifies having a sense of taste and style of your own. Our vast variety of jewelry includes skull necklaces, skull pendants, skull earrings, skull rings and much more. You can choose a piece of jewelry that will improve your look to the maximum.

As you can see, a skull has a double connotation. It is a sign of death and at the same time, it depicts energies that reject it. Whatever you believe when you see a skull and crossbones – disgust, terror, adoration, or joy – it all has one unquestionable truth: a skull and crossbones symbolizes just what you choose to see.