There Are 6 Benefits To Pre Employment Background Screening

Screening of criminal histories, driving records, general background checks, credit checks, references, and credentials

With nearly every business using some sort of background screening process during the hiring process, background screenings have become the norm in today’s business environment.  This is understandable.  Your cost-per-hire will almost certainly be reduced by an effective background screening program that provides you with a measurable ROI from the start.

With the job market being as weak as it is, a greater percentage of applicants may not be being honest as they should be, as they might be desperate for a job. Screening candidates’ backgrounds will allow you to identify those with troubling flags in their past, in order to sift through the large number of applicants often seen on job postings today. Studies have shown that up to 60% of candidates lie on their resumes and job applications to make themselves appear more attractive to employers.

Developing a customised background screening program for your company can be accomplished with the help of a third-party provider. Implementing a fully comprehensive solution will bring you the following benefits:

1. A higher standard of hiring

When you use a comprehensive background screening program, you will notice an increase in the quality of hire. Almost every business struggles with acquiring talent, and accurately identifying candidates is a critical component of that struggle.

2. A safer and more secure environment

Performing a background check company on potential employees reduces the chance of future workplace violence by filtering out those who might be a threat.  A comprehensive background check will reveal past incidents which may provide insight into behavioural patterns that could pose a threat. Employees and managers must contend with a large number of incidents on a daily basis including minor assaults, domestic violence, threats, harassment (including sexual harassment), stalking, and physical and/or emotional abuse.

3. Improved compliance with regulations

In addition to ensuring compliance with your industry standards, a third-party provider with in-house compliance experience can help you develop a screening solution that meets state and federal regulatory requirements, which differ from state to state as well as depending on the type of position being filled. You run the risk of fines and ongoing legal issues if you do not have a background screening program in place.

4. Reduction in the risk of negligent hiring

When a company hires negligently, it is often directly liable for the actions of its employees. The number of companies that have been liable for failing to check the backgrounds of employees before hiring is on the rise. A company suffers immeasurable damage to its reputation when incidents occur that could have been prevented had it been aware of an employee’s past.

5. A decrease in turnover of employees

The rate of unwanted turnover will be dramatically reduced when new employees are screened. If you know as much as possible about a new hire before an offer is made, you will have a reduced chance of making a bad hiring decision.

6. Reduced use of drugs/alcohol

The benefits of substance abuse screening include less absenteeism, tardiness, employee turnover, attitude problems, embezzlement, low productivity, crime, violence, and more. When you implement a program properly designed within your organization, there are many other benefits you will realize.  Please contact us at if you would like a demonstration of how Active Screening can help you create such a program.