The Book of Daniel, Islam, and Europe

Brit Am Israel

Jerusalem News-406


1. The Book of Daniel, Islam, and Europe
with Comment by David Ben Ariel

Commentaries to the Book of Daniel quoted in the Brit-Am Commentary understand the Vision of Nebuchadnezzar as explained by Daniel as predicting an eventual attempted union between Ishmael (Islam) and Europe.

Such a union is NOW in preparation. See extracts from relevant articles under the heading We Were Warned!:”Eurabia” in The Book of DANIEL?

The articles in effect describe a merger already in the process of preparation of Continental Europe with Ishmael (Arabic-Islam). This is to be carried through at the expense of Israel and the USA.

It should be noted that the EU heavily funds the Palestinians and that the Palestinian propaganda that brings about the suicide bombings etc would not be possible without EU funding. It should also be noted that the Israeli left-wing with movements such as Peace Now etc. also receives substantial funds from the EU.

The recent violence at Amona had a lot of causes and many interested parties were involved. It would not probably however have taken place were it not for legal actions by the EU subsidized Peace Now movement that could not stand to see nine half-legal Jewish buildings standing in the territory of Benjamin despite the fact that the Arabs have more than 30,000 illegal buildings (that are recognized as illegal without speaking of those that are illegal and not recognized) throughout Israel with much more than 3000 in the Jerusalem area alone.

In view of the above the following letter is interesting though I personally feel that the expression used “German-Jesuit” is misleading, a red herring. At all events the EU is in part culpable.


Shalom Yair,

Your Brit Am Israel commentaries were most interesting on the possibility of “Eurabia,” especially in light of how the EU has been guilty of aiding and abetting many Arab countries whose goal is to wipe Israel off the map (Ps. 83:4). However, it appears that “Eurabia” is dead now since Europe is beginning to suffer from the Islamofascists and will soon turn on them with full fury, as you acknowledge somewhat by giving an honorable mention that:

“There also exists a school of thought that identifies the FEET AND TOES of the great statue with the mixed group of nations comprising the European Union or that the EU is a precursor for a similar organization that will fulfill the prophecy.”

Both the Arabs and the Jews are going to get brutally betrayed, stomped by the EU jackboot, when the German-Jesuit EU occupies Jerusalem, after having misled the world to trust them to bring peace. This is elaborated upon within:
UN Resolution 181: Blueprint of the Beast?

Shavua tov (good week),

David Ben-Ariel