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So, perhaps you’re ready to give New Zealand a shot. You’re keen to soak up the NZ sun, perhaps bump into Jono Lomu, and tackle him while you’re at it! To impress the folks all you need to is assure them that New Zealand’s educational institutions are well regarded throughout the world. There are quality educational institutes in every region of New Zealand.

What’s more there are a great range of opportunities available to international students: quality secondary school education, a well established network of English language schools, and internationally respected and recognized tertiary education providers.

New Zealand offers all levels of education, from certificates to doctoral degrees. Not bad, if you’re willing to stay for a long while. So, you’re able to obtain secondary school qualifications, tertiary and industry qualification and English Language qualifications.

Make a note. Most international students must pay foreign student fees at New Zealand educational institutions. However, some international students are exempt from paying foreign student fees because they’re classed as domestic students for fee paying purposes.
If you’re not up to bumping into JL (admit it no one wants to mess with those Pecs) perhaps Canada will be a safer option.

The Canada student program could be your ticket to ultimate freedom!

This program starts with a correspondence course which is carried out in your current country of residence. Fortunately, you may complete this course whenever it suits you. No need to stress out about a looming deadline. In most instances, the course can be completed within 9 weeks!
Once you’ve completed the course, you will then fly out to Canada to begin Practicum (work experience) section with a sponsoring employer for three weeks. So, this will largely consist of basic Health and Safety training and for construction trade courses.

Currently students are receiving between 15 – 25 per hour depending on the employer, location and occupation in which they are studying.

After the practicum, the employer will sponsor you for twelve months of work. This work is at Apprentice level. During the 12 month period you can apply for permanent residency.

If you’re keen to live your life to the fullest, this might just be your ticket awesome living!