School Facilities Determines Students Academic Performance

The development of any society is dependent on the general level of education attained by its population most especially the youths. It therefore means that the educational system must be flexible, functional and optional enough to have something to offer to all members of the society including the youths, adults, privileged and the less privileged. The desire to meet the educational needs in particular those members of the under privileged is now a major challenge to the educators over the past years.

Education brings about a change in the manner of conduct of an individual which makes him to present himself as a responsible, sagacious and dependable member of his society. Education is regarded as an activity which gees on in the society with its aims depending on the nature of the society in which it takes place. It is a process through which an individual is trained to become useful to himself and the society at large with the acquisition of the cultural values and norms of the society. It occurs at all stages of life and can occur anywhere, but for the purpose of this study, the focus shall be on the type of education acquired in the school academic environment otherwise known as formal education. A school is a place like home where learning activities takes place and it comprises of individual from different cultural background which live and interact together as a cohesive community with a major common objectives and purpose for learning. It is a place where a learner acquires specialized knowledge and skills needed for their survival and to promote their innate capabilities for learning.

The school prepares an individual for future adult roles, the purpose of the school is mainly to serve as a channel for acquiring knowledge and skills and to enhance the full all round development of an individual. It is therefore necessary for instructors and school administrators to ensure that the school academic environment does not deviate from its main purpose in the sense that instructors control and maintain the type of activities that occur in the school environment in terms of extracurricular activities.

The schools exist because of the students. The quality of the student’s performance depends on the quality of the school in terms of availability of required and adequate infrastructural facilities in such a school. Schools with well equipped facilities and well experienced personnel tend to produce brilliant students who show the ways for others students and lead them in various stages in Life. It could therefore be said that the performance of the students depends on the school facilities, which in returns determine their future lives. Parents and guardians should be encouraged to send their wards to schools with well-equipped facilities because it will result in better future for their children.

This fact has been proven to be true as the performance of some students from well equipped facilities schools differs from other students who are in school with less equipped facilities. Availability of required learning facilities in schools enhances student’s academic performance. When learning materials are provided, learning activities proceed at a very fast speed. In a situation where the learning environment is not conducive, academic activities proceed at a low rate which then result in poor academic performance of students in promotional and certificate examine. And such is the case of four students of Ifako International School, Ifako, Ifako-Ijaye, Lagos State Nigeria.

Two of the students performed excellently in the competition as Olatide Wright and Torsho Dennis of the senor secondary school came second and fifth respectively in the Gessomate art competition. Adefoluso Orimalade and Soremekun Ibrahim of the junior secondary school came third and forth respectively. This level of performance does revealed the states of Ifako international school as a school with well experienced teachers and adequate faculties suitable for teaching and learning purposes and ideal school for parents who wants the best education for their children. The students are the image of the school and the school cannot exist without the students, the students produced by each school give or show the real image of the school in the society. The school should help provide the required materials and regulates the activities of all extracurricular activities within the school environment so that effective learning activities can occur.

Academic excellence is the desired of every school owner. The quality of teaching and learning that takes place in any educational establishment determines the level of academic excellence. In other for effective teaching and learning process to occur within the school academic environment. There must be provision of required learning aids such as conducive school physical environment, well painted classroom, adequate chairs, moderate distance from an industrial area to prevent unwanted noise and well experienced teachers. Things don’t just happen; they are made to happen. All concerned bodies of education should ensure that all the aforementioned criteria are seriously considered so that the desired educational goals and objectives can be achieved and thus ensuring better future for our children.