Review of Learn Spanish Programs for Learning Spanish Fast

Today I will deviate from my traditional online learning lesson, and give you a review of learn Spanish programs for learning Spanish fast. I have three that I wish to review today:

1. Fast Lane Advanced Spanish (FLAS)

Fast Lane Advanced Spanish or FLAS is one of the few courses specifically designed for advanced students. The system uses a very effective way of combining video lessons and MP3 audio lessons to help the learner.

The best feature of FLAS is that the course also features bonus video conversations from regular Spanish speaking folks. According to my advanced students, the greatest challenge for them is understanding regular folks when they speak the language. My advanced students tell me that they understand me effortlessly and that they understand the actors in their audio home study courses, but the moment-of-truth arises when they have to understand the regular folks speaking the language. According to my students, the bonus FLAS regular-folks videos have helped them immensely when it to comes to understanding regular Spanish-speaking folks.

2. Learning Spanish Like Crazy (LSLC) Home Study Course

The Learning Spanish Like Crazy home study course is excellent for the student who has a desire to learn to speak normal everyday “familiar” Spanish or the form of the language that you would commonly hear native speakers use with their friends and or family members. It is also the type of Spanish you should learn in order to make friends who speak the language. The downside of this program is that it teaches familiar Spanish and probably not the type of program that I would recommend for someone whose sole purpose in learning the language is for business purposes.

3. Visual Link

This is another very popular course that I also recommend. You will find Visual Link especially helpful if you are a visual learner. The drawback of the course is that it is software and this may be inconvenient for someone who spends a great deal of time in his or her car.