Promotional Rulers – Products For the Technical Market As Well As the School Market

Get it out of your head that promotional businesses are there to just merchandise a line of souvenirs so you can keep a few items for posterity’s sake. The business of promoting is the business of making people aware of your business, and the business of making people aware of your business is the business of business name and logo identification. We will put your business name and logo on any product at any time if it means people will identify it. And if we are going to seriously tackle the subject of market identification, we must firstly tackle the topic of market categorization.

In the promotional sector, market categorization involves breaking up the overall market of people who would buy and use promotional products into groups or demographics, so we can better target certain products for certain groups. There are so many market groups out there, and we’re not just talking about age or gender based groupings. We’re talking about the sporting and fitness types. We’re talking about the club and organization types. We’re talking about the entrepreneurial types. We’re talking about the technical types. We’re talking about the charity and fundraising types. And we’re talking about that big type that goes to school.

If you think about it, of the demographic types just mentioned, the school type of person is probably you’re biggest demographic type. But let’s not be close minded. The school type isn’t just that child bracket from the ages of 6 to 17. Age is a very shaky way of identifying different groupings. The school type also includes the increasing demographic of young and older adults who are embarking on or furthering their tertiary or university education. Now, the thing with this category of aspiring adults is that there are so many different subject areas covered by tertiary and university education, and promotional businesses are in a key position to make the most of tailoring to these subject areas.

In the second paragraph, mention was made of the technically minded. Well, there are hundreds of tertiary subjects offered for technically minded adults and that’s why promotional businesses shouldn’t just be thinking primary school and high school when it thinks of merchandising items like Promotional Rulers. Promotional businesses have got to start infiltrating the tertiary as well as the primary and secondary sectors because a technical ruler is far more meaningful to technical student than a student that just needs it to rule margins on his or her page. That’s what is meant by meaningful promotion.

Look, no one is pointing in any fingers at anyone who sticks with the traditional lines of promotion. The traditional lines of promotion have worked for promotional businesses for years. But Promotional Products aren’t going to work at their ultimate level for you if you don’t start looking to market types outside your scope. Now a market type has just be mentioned. The technical demographic has been mentioned. The promotional ruler has been mentioned as a product for this market type. It’s time to go out and find more products and more market types.