Progressives dumb-down schooling plans for Black young children

<b>Tyrone K. Jones, Sr.</b>
Tyrone K. Jones, Sr.

American pupils rank 9th in the entire world in science and 30th in the earth in math. Realizing that, why in heaven’s identify are Democrats/ progressives/socialists/Marxists and remaining-wing liberals hell-bent on lowering the instructional efficiency benchmarks for black pupils?

They ought to have a hidden agenda … some diabolical cause. Obviously. Their endgame is to make black pupils the most “under-educated” demographic in The us and to guarantee that black learners will lack the intellectual potential to contend in a world that is driven by science, math and technological advancements and innovations. A environment that previously involves substantial-amount cognitive competencies, knowledge, and qualities.

What the remaining is executing is “dumbing down” black children with this tutorial fairness nonsense!

My own perspective is that this Critical Race Concept (CRT) instructional strategy to training black pupils is, in and of itself, “racist”, condescending and insulting.

Their assumption is that black little ones are intellectually inferior and mentally, socially, or emotionally sick-equipped to take care of the specifications of rigorous tutorial applications/information and must as a result be taught below quality-degree and graded on a curve.

Even although CRT exposes learners to historic specifics in American heritage, CRT is misleading in its objective, design, implementation, and outcomes simply because its radical target is to instruct white small children self-dislike and to teach black young children (as properly as other “people of color”) that they are hopeless victims.

Make no oversight, CRT is rooted in Marxist ideology. Its purpose is to divide people today by race, gender, and socio-financial position with the intent of creating racial and course warfare coupled with social unrest and a huge and destructive breakdown in law and order. CRT advocates are grooming your children today to develop into their long run frontline combatants.

CRT is developed to hold off, impede, and hinder the academic progress and cognitive growth of learners, in particular black small children, rendering them intellectually disadvantaged and changing them into lifetime-extended underachievers.

I strongly assist lecturers supplementing the curriculum as lengthy as it aids students grow their learning encounter by permitting them to practice and grow to be proficient in the use/software of the following:

1. Significant Contemplating Skills

2. Review Techniques

3. Communication Capabilities

4. Interpersonal/Social Skills

5. Conflict Resolution Capabilities

6. Survival Techniques

Mom and dad/guardians: Be suggested that the university your little one attends belongs to you, not the faculty workers. Know and talk with your child’s instructor(s). Assist your college by volunteering, traveling to, attending Board of Instruction conferences and special functions. Get duty for your child’s training, for the reason that right after all, you are responsible.

Tyrone K. Jones, Sr.

Retired Fayette County College Administrator

Former Chairman of the Fayette County Republican Celebration