It has been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic has been going on in Indonesia. In accordance with government regulations, everyone is required to do the 3 M (Wearing a mask, washing hands, and keeping a distance). This is done to break the chain of the deadly Covid-19 (Corona Virus Disease) pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is not only felt in Indonesia, but throughout the world. Various efforts have been made so that the pandemic period ends soon because the pandemic destroys all sectors of life, one of which is the education sector.

In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, the world of education must continue to receive special attention so that it is not badly affected. When discussing the world of education, it will discuss the future of a nation. Looking from the general perspective today, the COVID-19 pandemic poses many threats to the world of education, but it can be viewed from a different perspective, so that threats can be turned into opportunities to advance the world of education.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world of education starting from the learning process, which is usually done in the classroom face-to-face, but since the pandemic it has changed to online learning (in a network). Teachers, students and parents are required to be able to present an effective and active learning process even though it is carried out from their respective homes.

The Covid-19 pandemic which has so many negative impacts also has a positive impact on the world of education in Indonesia. This positive impact can motivate through difficult times to continue to achieve Indonesia’s more advanced education goals.

Triggering the Acceleration of Educational Transformation

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the closure of schools as an effort to spread it to the people of Indonesia. In short, the government has implemented a Distance Learning (PJJ) system or what is known as online learning. A bold technology-based system certainly requires educational institutions, teachers, students and even parents to be technology literate. This greatly accelerates the transformation of educational technology in the country. This certainly has a positive impact because the use of technology in the world of education is in line with the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which continues to grow.

Many Online Learning Applications Appear

The acceleration of the transformation of educational technology due to the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned various online learning program platforms to support bold learning. Many online study programs make learning more effective. Online learning applications are developed by providing features that facilitate online learning. Such as Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and others.

Number of Free Online Courses

Free online courses began to develop in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many tutoring agencies provide free or multiple online courses at discounted prices. As implemented by Khan Academy , Udemy , edX, Stanford Online , Codecademy and so on.

The Rise of Unlimited Creativity

The Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to new ideas. Scientists, researchers, lecturers and even students try to do experiments to find new creativity and present an affective and efficient learning process so that it can carry out a fun and not boring learning process.

Parent and Teacher Collaboration

During this pandemic, students will certainly spend their time studying at home. Where this requires innovative collaboration between parents and teachers so that students can continue to learn online effectively. In addition, innovative collaboration can overcome various complaints during online learning. This will have a positive impact on the world of education both now and in the future.

Application of Science in the Family

When all schools are closed, this is an opportunity for students to apply knowledge in the midst of their families. Whether it’s just opening a small discussion or by teaching the knowledge gained to the family. This plays an important role in increasing students’ understanding of a science through direct application. Knowledge that is applied directly will affect not only those who apply it but also those who receive it.

Teachers become more familiar and technology literate

It is undeniable that the learning process in the midst of a pandemic must be done through online methods. So the use of technological devices is needed. During this pandemic, a lot of training was carried out for teachers with the aim of providing guidance to determine learning methods that can be applied during the pandemic, which of course are technology-based.