How to make a resume that will sell you as a specialist for dearly?

Share your accomplishments

This immediately adds 50% value to your resume. A recruiter simply can’t interview everyone who sends in a resume. That’s why the person who mentions their accomplishments will always win and get the recruiter interested.

Achievements are your measurable achievements, expressed in numbers, deadlines or significant qualitative changes in the company. They must be specific, measurable, impressive and relevant to the position.

Example of accomplishments:

  • Increased TV sales by 30% in three months (store director).
  • Introduced a new product to the market in four months, which helped earn $800,000 in six months (marketing director).
  • Negotiated with suppliers and increased payment deferral by 30 days, saving the company $100,000 monthly on loans (buyer).
  • Reduced employee turnover from 25% to 18% through working with employee engagement (HR).

Talk about your personality traits

More and more emphasis is now being placed on an employee’s personality traits when selecting candidates. If you analyze what exactly you’ll be evaluated on an interview, it’s likely to be:

  • 40% – professional knowledge;
  • 40% – personal qualities;
  • 20% – motivation (a desire to do this job in this particular company).

What are the personal qualities? These are personal qualities of a person that contribute to the effective performance of his duties.

These include: energy, openness, ability to work in a team, initiative, proactivity, and so on. And these are not just empty words, at a job interview more and more often you will hear this question: Tell us about a situation in which you had to take responsibility, and how you handled it. This is called a competency-based assessment.

So your personal qualities, especially if they match those required by the job, are extremely important. And if before it was enough just to list them, now it’s not enough. Now you need to confirm their presence, so it is recommended to write them so (examples, of course, bring your own, mandatory rule: they must all be real and from the past):

  • Initiative: I developed and implemented a strategy of getting the department out of the crisis when the manager left.
  • Energy: the volume of my sales in 2014 was 30% higher than the average for the department.
  • Stress-resistance: I conducted successful negotiations with a client, who refused seven managers, and concluded a contract with him.
  • Leadership: conducted five management trainings and raised 10 managers from line employees.

The important thing here is not to write many qualities, but qualities with examples. That is, examples are more important here than quantity.

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