How to Create a Winning Medical Assistant Resume

If you are a medical assistant student or a recent graduate of an accredited school that offers medical assistant programs, you may want to pay special attention to crafting a resume that can produce results. It helps if you have completed and passed the Certified Medical Assistant exam. Proof of passing can give you an edge over other non-certified job applicants. You might be able to place another feather in your cap by having served in a medical assisting internship too.

Basic writing skills may have been covered during training, but here are additional helpful tips that could give your resume the winning edge. You should avoid using plain regular copy paper or fancy colored paper when printing your resume. The typical office supply store will carry stock that is either white or light in color. This stock should be smooth and a somewhat heavier weight to give a resume a more defined professional look. It is best to keep the fonts simple and easy to read and use black ink.

Human Resources Personnel Have Short Reading Spans

Keep in mind when writing your resume that the people who hire medical assistants are usually very busy, and do not have a lot of time to pour over page after page of any one resume. Keep it short and to the point. Make your training, education and certification stand out.

Next, list your work history and any special skills in your possession. Your cover letter should be a bit more personal than your resume and provide helpful information about your skills while giving a hint about your personality. Employers like to know whether you’re the type of person that can fit in and be a team player. They also like to know if you have leadership skills that can be leveraged.

Hire a Professional Resume Writer if Necessary

While there are endless online resume templates you can use to craft a winning medical assistant resume, you might just opt to hire a professional resume writer. Resume writers are becoming increasingly savvy to the fact that “keywords” play an ever-increasing role in how your resume is chosen from a cast of thousands.

Make sure keywords such as medical assistant training, medical assisting diploma and medical assistants are included. Many employers use software to comb through thousands of resumes and job applications. The goal is to make your resume stand out with respect to your training and skills.

There are medical assisting schools that can give you the training needed to put your resume at the top.