Evolution – 150 Years of Lies and Deceit?

 2009 is the 150th anniversary of the introduction of the Theory of Evolution through the publication of Origin of Species by Charles Darwin in 1859. Darwin’s theory became the basis for a belief system – a new ‘religion’ called evolution – allowing for an explanation for our existence independent from God.

In evolution, the entire universe is considered to have evolved by natural processes and random selection into its present state of high organization and complexity. In this model the universe began in a state of pure randomness. Gradually it has – by “survival of the fittest” – become more ordered and complex. In order for the complex structure of the universe to have been produced by present natural processes, a vast amount of time was required.

This all sounds logical and as over the last 150 years more and more bright minds have endorsed it, taught it and further developed it, a majority of people now seems to believe that evolution is true and that the alternative – that God created us and our world – is false and only still believed by the ‘uneducated’ and ‘gullible’.

However the ‘case’ for evolution is far from watertight. It seems actually to be more like a boat full of holes which – despite desperate efforts by evolutionists to keep on pumping – is slowly but surely sinking! Modern day science reveals massive problems, like (just to name a few):

1)      The beginning needed a Creator. If there ever was a Big Bang – who or what caused it to happen? How can something (a lot, actually everything) come from nothing? Wild theories like the completely unproven evolutionary string theory require a lot more ‘faith’ than accepting a Creator God.

2)      Earth is a truly privileged planet. Chances of finding a similar habitable planet like Earth suited for life in our Milky Way galaxy or even in the entire universe are practically zero.

3)      First Life. Modern science has reached the unanimous conclusion that life on a planet like earth could not have started by mere chance. The complex building blocks of the simplest living cell – proteins, DNA and molecular machines – do not allow for random assembly even through long periods of time. Despite decades of intense research, origin-of-life scientists have found no evolutionary explanation to explain how life could have started by natural processes alone.

4)      No mechanism for species to evolve. Natural selection is just variation within a species. Genetic mutations are required to evolve from one species into the next, however mutations are not common and mostly neutral. If they happen, they are almost always harmful not beneficial. The occurrence of many small, beneficial steps of mutations is against all odds and has never been observed.

5)      The fossil record. There are no intermediate species in the fossil record. According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, species would evolve to more complex new species by a series of gradual mutations. However, despite of over 100+ years of extensive studies of the fossil record, no intermediate species have been discovered. On the contrary, the Cambrian Explosion  shows the almost “overnight” appearance of the body plans of all modern day life forms at about the same moment in time.

So, WHY still believe all this? Why does the scientific world still want to convince us – after 150 years of unsuccessful looking for answers – that evolution is THE theory that explains our existence or is even a FACT?

I believe the answer is simple. Evolution has become a religion. Its adherents have based their personal convictions, values and above all comfortable lifestyle on this idea that we are just the product of time and chance. We are just an ‘accident’ and there is no God. Therefore we can do what we want and when we want it, because we are not accountable to anybody. We are our own gods and we should live life to achieve maximum pleasure. 

Because evolution has become like a religion its adherents are also not really interested to be open-minded for criticism or alternative explanations. “What do you mean that you want to challenge the concepts of evolution? It is a fact, so we do not need to prove it anymore!” 

On a personal note – I was taught the theory of evolution in high school. It was not even presented to me as a theory but as a fact. Only very limited evidence was presented. and because of it I lost my interest in God and Christianity. Now I know I was duped, I was deceived. Only when life presented me with an interest and an opportunity to do my own research at a later stage of my life I discovered that it was a lie. But I had to discover that myself. I had to dig myself into science to find the gaps and faulty patches. I just wish that during my school and college years one of my teachers would have been more objective and at least would have told me that the theory of evolution is not a fact and shown me the alternative view of Intelligent Design of Creation.  That way I could have made my own decision about what to believe earlier in my life.

Unfortunately one cannot change the past, but one can make better choices for the future.