Don’t Buy Floor Mats At Home. Embossed Non-Slip Rugs Are More Practical

Floor mats can be said to be a relatively common product in our lives; they can not only be placed at the door to prevent dust from entering the room but also placed at the bathroom door to avoid bathing, the water on the feet causes water stains on the floor elsewhere, and many people will put the carpet in the living room or room, not only can play a decorative role, but also avoid stepping barefoot on the floor ice feet, so it can be said that the carpet is practical The properties are quite strong, but when buying carpets, it is not possible to buy them at will. Some embossed non-slip rugs will be more practical.

Advantages of embossed non-slip carpets

1. Embossed non-slip carpet has a good anti-slip effect

Everyone knows that if the carpet has a bad anti-slip effect, may just step on the foot, chaos will cause people to wrestle, so the non-slip carpet will be relatively safe, many people when buying a carpet, will first understand whether the carpet has a non-slip effect, learn about the anti-slip function, only the carpet with high anti-slip properties is more popular, so embossed non-slip carpet The non-slip properties in it can be said to be a good advantage.

2. The embossing process is more exquisite

People like all good things, so when buying some goods, they also pay attention to their appearance; when the appearance is good, it can only attract the attention of consumers, and the embossing process of embossing a non-slip carpet just meets people’s requirements for beauty, and by embossing the carpet to improve the appearance value of the carpet, so that whether people put the carpet anywhere, it can play a good decorative effect, It will make the whole room look cosier.

3. Good sound insulation

People with children at home should all know that when children play at home, the movement is relatively large, the noise generated is also quite large, not only affecting the family’s work but also making noise to the neighbours downstairs, and the tight and breathable structure of the carpet can be combined with the floor to absorb and isolate the sound waves, so the sound insulation effect of the carpet is quite good, children at home can Select the shop Rugs to reduce noise.

Easily understand the quality of carpets through the material

1. plush carpet

In fact, embossed non-slip carpets are also divided into many materials, such as plush, which is mainly made of wool. In addition, the fibre is relatively long, and the elasticity is relatively good. This material is called a relatively good raw material; the foot feels particularly comfortable and also has the function of antistatic. The only disadvantage is that its price is relatively high, and it is also particularly troublesome to clean. Generally, some large plush carpets are cleaned by professional care centres.

2. Blended carpet

Blended carpet is mainly made of wool fibre and various synthetic fibres mixed because its raw materials are basically not expensive, so when it is sold, the price of blended carpet is also low, more varieties can effectively avoid insects, and the anticorrosive property is also particularly high, the main thing is that it basically does not fade, precisely because the price is low, it is also very popular in the market.

3. plastic carpet

The raw material of plastic carpet is PVC resin, plasticizers and other materials; after mixing, moulded, and the appearance of this carpet is not particularly high-end, so many people will buy it at the door or for outdoor decoration because it is made of plastic, the price is relatively low, and is also very durable, can achieve the non-slip effect, and the only disadvantage is poor environmental protection.

Pay attention to manufacturers to buy safe and easy-to-use carpets

1. The qualification of the embossed non-slip carpet manufacturer

When buying embossed non-slip carpet, be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer’s qualification because the quality of the carpet has a big impact on us; if the quality of the carpet is not qualified, then the materials used cannot meet the safety standards, there will be some harmful substances, such a carpet placed in our room for a long time, will also affect our body, only the manufacturer’s qualification is better, can guarantee the manufacturer’s Reliability, so the carpet you buy is also relatively safe.

2. Certificate of conformity of the product

All carpets sold on the market require a certificate of conformity in order to ensure that the carpet you buy is a safe product. You can first learn about the certificate of conformity of the embossed non-slip carpet. If the certificate exists and has also been verified in terms of safety, such a carpet is worth buying.

3. The material used in the product

Above we know that carpets are divided into many materials, different products and different manufacturers, the materials used will be different, so when buying, you should also understand the materials used in the product, environmentally friendly materials are more beneficial to our health, if the material has some unenvironmentally friendly factors, you need to be careful when buying.

All in all, when buying kitchen non slip mat, don’t buy them randomly. Choose the right material according to where you put it so that not only can you ensure the durability of the carpet but also have a decorative effect on the interior.