Discover Dominican Wedding

In a traditional Dominican wedding (boda), the man proposes to the woman he wants to marry. In case they choose to do the marriage ceremony in a church followed by a reception, the planning is generally done by the family of the bride.

Wedding ceremonies could be costly so a number of couples decide to have a smaller get-together or tie the knot in a civil court. They would get married in a Civil Court prior to having a big ceremonial in a church in order that their papers would all be legal. The civil union normally takes place earlier on the day or the day before the church wedding. This is particularly true in case they decide to not to wed in a Catholic service.

Bridesmaids as well as huge wedding receptions are not an imagery of the Dominican flag. But a flower girl and also a ring bearer are part of the wedding ceremonies. It has long been established in Dominican weddings to have “padrinos and madrinas” or godparents. They are often the father of the bride and the mother of the groom who act as witnesses. Together with the newlyweds, the godparents sign the marriage certificate as well.

One other wedding custom is to have a boy bring the coins or “arras” on a silver tray. It is normally composed of 13 pieces of 10 cents coins that is handed out to the priest at some time during the wedding. It will be handed to the groom then to the bride. This symbolizes that they vow to provide for one another and everything is equally shared.