Consider price into thought prior to obtaining a smartphone

A friend and I have a continual tussle over whose telephone is much better. Motorola’s or Google’s.

He thinks his Motorola is very best since it can go a few times on a solitary battery charge and operates good. Tracfone has them commencing at $20. But, a leading tech web page, agrees with me that Google’s Pixel phones are finest.

Pixel telephones get updates from Google as shortly as they manifest, just as iPhones get them from Apple. In addition, they have fantastic cameras without the staggering price of iPhones and Samsungs. Final year’s Pixel 4a is $349, not a lot extra than the $300 Moto G Stylus, but you can find a big but.

The significant but is that every single Android cellular phone I have witnessed besides a Pixel cellphone is a whole lot less expensive when you invest in it from a provider. For illustration, the Moto G Stylus, which just came out this 12 months, is only $190 on Customer Mobile. For Pixel phones, the provider is possibly Google Fi or Verizon, wherever I failed to see any discounts.

Am I a cheapskate? No, I am just leery of investing extra than $400 for a cellular phone, figuring out how rapid they depreciate. My Pixel 3a, initially $399 when it came out two years ago, is now worth $57, according to That would not necessarily mean I could buy 1 for that rate, it’s what I would probably get for offering it. A Galaxy Z Fold 2, at first $1,999, is valued at $715. According to Flipsy, Galaxy Z telephones keep about a third of their benefit, as opposed to iPhones, which keep around 65% of the original rate. But when in the Android universe, a person tends to remain in the Android universe.

If you want to invest in a employed telephone, a excellent wager is Gazelle claims its phones are “licensed, pre-owned,” which suggests they have been comprehensively cleaned and inspected. I noticed an Apple iphone SE second generation for $209 (with AT&T company), and a Samsung Galaxy S10 (with Verizon) for $329, among many many others. I saw decrease rates on eBay, but with out the warranty. has some good discounts on refurbished Pixel telephones. But read the reviews. Reviewers of the sub-$100 Pixel phones report scratched lenses, screen shadows and other problems.

In advance of you sell or give away an previous cell phone, test out CNET’s ideas. It suggests eliminating your SIM card and destroying it, or canceling your eSIM card — a sort of virtual SIM card, if your telephone has 1 of individuals. Look for on “get rid of ‘eSIM’ card,” to discover recommendations. Set “eSIM” in prices so it is not auto-corrected. Just after removing the SIM or eSIM card, do a manufacturing unit reset.


Showerspecs are examining glasses that will not fog up. The business suggests it is really for looking at labels on your shampoo, or perusing your h2o-resistant smartphone. I think a far better use is examining guides in the bathtub. I enjoy undertaking that. I from time to time use the Kindle app on my Android telephone, but am pretty watchful not to fall it in.

Considering that shut-up eyesight is my super power, I can’t sufficiently check them, however. If you want to give Showerspecs a whirl, they’re accessible in additionally 2, moreover 2.5 and additionally 3. close-up strengths. They have a hook on them so your eyeglasses are always hanging in the shower. They’re $65 from

Home windows 10 TO THE RESCUE

A tech as soon as told me that the most significant source of his earnings have been from shoppers who went to to consider out no cost packages. They generally contain bugs.

Now Microsoft is fighting back again. This thirty day period an automated update in Windows 10 adds a download filter to block “most likely unwanted applications.” If you want to tweak the settings, search on “Reputation Protection” in the search bar in the decrease still left of your display.


• When creating about the Thermapen for measuring the temperature of meat, and so forth., I described that you can get a examining by inserting the probe just an eighth of an inch. But as a reader tactfully details out, you have to stick it all the way into the center if you want to know the temperature in the middle. Many thanks Reader!

• Slow internet: The head of the Bella Vista Pc Club doubts my statement that using a Digital Personal Network (VPN) could avert your online company service provider from slowing down your service in favor of much more financially rewarding consumers. As he places it: “A VPN would only be helpful from pace throttling if it ended up centered on the concentrate on IP address of the facts, in which situation the delays could be released not just by your provider company but by any communications organization owning the paths by way of which your packets go. If all site visitors to the recipient is affected, not just your targeted visitors, then it is really not genuinely your company that is getting throttled, but the provider of the receiver of your info.” Phew, some of my visitors are so refined.

“Throttling” has been a big worry all through the debate above internet neutrality. But the only throttling heading on now, thanks to public stress, is the variety you sign up for by yourself. With numerous carriers, if you really don’t want to pay back for further knowledge, you can still access the online, but at a slower velocity.


Search on “ZDNet Very best Sites for On line Education” to get a huge list. Categories include things like”Lifestyle Insights” in which I noticed some great exercise lessons. Under “Coaching,” I located “TheMuse,” for profession guidance.

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