Bible Book Info Relay: A Super Sunday School Lesson From the Bible for Psalm 119:89

Psalm 119:89 and Isaiah 40:8 says this: “The Word of God is eternal. It stands firm in the Heavens.” “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of our God stands forever.” Life is full of change. That’s one thing we can all count on. There’s another thing we can count on and it’s this – God’s Word never changes. Our Bible verse says that it stands firm and will do so forever. Life is filled with cycles of coming and going. The grass withers and flower fall, but God’s Word remains constant. I don’t know about you, but this truth fills my heart with great joy and peace. Here is a fun Sunday School lesson from the Bible that will help your kids also appreciate this truth while investigating some data about different books of the Bible. It’s called “Bible Book Info Relay.”

Here’s what you do:

Divide your class into 2 teams. Assemble 2 rows of chairs, one per child, facing perpendicular to a chalkboard or other kind of writing board. Each child will need the same version of a Bible except for the first chairs in each row. Divide the chalkboard into 2 sections – one for each team to write in. In each section, write the following, leaving room for the kids to be able to write their answers:

Name of Book:

Book Before:

Book After:

2 Story Titles:



Number of Chapters:

A Person’s Name Found in the Book:

First Word in the Book:

Last Word in the Book:

Is the book in the Old Testament or New Testament?

Just before playing, you, the teacher, will write the beginning letter of some book of the Bible, one for each team. For example, you might write “L” and “M”. On the word “GO”, the first person on each team will go to the board and pick a book that fits their letter. The children might end up picking Luke and Matthew. After he writes the book, he returns to the last seat in the row and the next child comes forward and answers the next question. Subsequently, the rest of the children move forward a seat. The children on a team are allowed to look in their Bibles to help the one at the board. However, they are not allowed out of their seat. Therefore they can yell out answers to the writer. After each question is answered, the writer always returns to the last seat and everyone shifts forward. If you have less than 10 kids on a team, it is OK if a child ends up going to the board more than once. The team who finishes first and correctly is the winner. Play as often as the children would like, giving different letters each time.

Before playing the game, you might want to introduce the lesson in the following way:

Who can tell me some changes that happen in life? (Wait for responses such as babies get older or people change jobs, etc.) Yes. Those are all great examples. Now, who can tell me something that never changes? (Wait for kids to respond.) It’s hard to think of something that never changes, but there is something. It’s the Word of God. Who would like to read Psalm 119:89 and Isaiah 40:8? (Wait for child to read.) No matter what happens in this world, God’s Word will always remain the same. I think this truth shows that the Bible deserves our utmost respect. The Bible is worth studying and knowing.

Let’s play a game called “Bible Book Info Relay” to help us learn some important points about some of the great books in God’s Word.

At this point explain the rules of the game and have fun!