Australian university union celebrates “voluntary” occupation losses as “resounding success”

Developments at Brisbane’s College of Queensland offer a situation review in the role of the trade unions in defusing opposition amid workers to the demolition of work and ailments, and then delivering the demands of the ruling elite.

University of Queensland (Resource: College of Queensland web page)

Amid an ongoing governing administration-management offensive, exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to do away with tens of countless numbers of careers across Australia’s community universities and accelerate the professional-corporate restructuring of larger education, the National Tertiary Training Union (NTEU) reported in the July edition of its Advocate magazine:

“NTEU customers at the College of Queensland (UQ) Architecture have productively fought a proposal from Management to disestablish their positions and make them apply for their very own jobs—a course of action named a spill ‘n’ fill.

“The ‘Save UQ Architecture’ Campaign declared victory in April, forcing Management to rethink their proposal. Victory came soon after a outstanding, six-month marketing campaign involving NTEU Members, other staff members from the UQ Architecture School, the wider college, and the group (together with Architecture professionals and alumni from correct throughout Australia).”

This “victory,” even so, consisted of the union convincing five teachers to just take “voluntary redundancies” in order to fulfill the price-chopping calls for of management, whereas the authentic “spill and fill” proposal would have slice two positions. Management’s “Hunger Games” design program, unveiled very last November, experienced sought to compel 20 teachers to compete with just about every other for 18 positions to match “a new running model and academic profile.”

In outcome, the stand taken by the users of the architecture university, who met and rejected this brutal and unprecedented plan, was diverted by the NTEU into processes that assisted management to put into action its agenda.

A campaign launched by the faculty customers towards the administration blueprint experienced gained widespread assist. A petition, which captivated additional than 1,221 signatures from staff and the community, was shown at a massive rally on the campus, ahead of currently being introduced to the head of the architecture school in late 2020.

But the NTEU channelled the combat away from a broader struggle from the wholesale assault on college workers and learners, which the union alone estimates ruined up to 90,000 positions throughout 2020.

In truth, the “Hunger Games” at UQ, alongside one another with very similar plans at Sydney University and Macquarie College, marked an even much more brutal phase in this offensive, which is being spearheaded by the Liberal-Nationwide Coalition federal federal government, on top of far more than a decade of punishing funding cuts, initiated by the prior Greens-supported Labor Bash governing administration.