A full review of Tesi Di Laurea: Making Money Online

It is possible to earn money by sharing school material with Tesi online Di Laurea, but how does it work? Are there any earnings? You’ll learn how to make money with Tesi Di Laurea after reading this article.

If you are one of the few students who have not burned books and theses after receiving the degree, make sure you have your papers in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

Don’t let your thesis files sit on a dusty CD or in a forgotten folder on your computer; find a different way to share them!

The TesiOnline site allows you to upload and publish your degree thesis (must be in paper format or one of the two approved electronic formats: .txt or .html) and earn for each download of the same.

It is one of the most popular revenue-generating methods for thousands of Italian users (which is why the site is built and designed by Italian webmasters). It has more than 700,000 subscribers and more than 5 million pages per month.

Tesi Di Laurea shows you how to make money online

Technical information for optimising the Tesi Di Laurea revenue website

Each degree consultation costs 25,00 Euros, half of which is left on the site, and we get 50% (net of taxes) (12,50 Euros).

As In case your thesis is very popular and is appreciated by users, your earnings will likely be very high: even if you only download 10 copies of your thesis, your earnings will reach € 125.00!

To give you an idea, there is a ranking with the most downloaded theses on the site and the first place belongs to a paper that has been downloaded 300 times, worth $ 4,000.00 to its author.

That’s not bad!

The number of students taking advantage of this opportunity has grown in recent years since these few thousand euros are always convenient for everyone, especially those students who have just finished their studies and have not yet found a job.

However, the good news is that this opportunity to get rich doesn’t cost anything either in terms of time or money, since your thesis is already prepared and ready for publication without you having to spend any time on it.

In a nutshell, TesiOnline allows you to combine usefulness with pleasure.

So You may have your thesis sitting in your closet gathering dust, so why not post it and earn some money?

… Maybe a recruiter will contact you about a job!

You could be one of those lucky people who is offered a job after reading your published theses on TesiOnline. Many companies utilise the website to find qualified employees; you could potentially be one of them.

In my opinion, there are no “contraindications” to this gain method, but only its advantages and benefits.