8 Reasons Why Elon Musk Should Be Your University’s Next President

The outstanding and inspiring management that Elon Musk has brought to Twitter given that obtaining the enterprise for $44 billion is sufficient proof (as if we needed extra) that universities should be run additional like organizations.

What much better way to break via the inefficiencies and out-of-date wondering of common educational management than to not only adopt Musk’s operational model as our own but to recruit Musk as the following president of our university?

Right here are the leading eight causes why your Board of Trustees must have as its initial precedence to bring Elon Musk to campus as the future leader of the institution.

  1. He Has the Time: It might seem that Elon Musk does not have the time in his program to add university president to his titles of CEO of Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX. That would be common academic zero-sum imagining. Elon Musk has amply demonstrated that he can effortlessly just take on far more leadership obligations, and his perform as college president will be synergistic with his leadership of a social network, an electric powered motor vehicle business and a chief in for-profit space exploration.
  2. The Antidote to Employees Bloat: As is apparent to any individual who has ever spent a single moment wondering about bigger training, the No. 1 difficulty that universities have is workers bloat. Musk’s observe record in laying off half of the Twitter personnel demonstrates that he will have the fortitude to do what is essential to carry larger ed staffing to its most successful and optimal amount.
  3. Faculty/Employees Productiveness: Critical observers with organization abilities have very long questioned what in the globe professors do when not training. A university led by Elon Musk will most likely stick to the anticipations he delivers to all the corporations he leads. Every single university personnel will be predicted to be at their desk for a minimum amount of 40 several hours a 7 days. Definitely devoted teachers will sleep in their school rooms, functioning spherical the clock to ensure that just about every probable instructing and investigation bottleneck is solved.
  4. College Shuttles Changed by Hyperloops: Campus transportation advances have stalled since the introduction of the PRT (personalized speedy transit) at West Virginia College in 1975. As president, Musk would bring his information of hyperloop engineering to remedy the dilemma of campus transportation. The speedy and economical transit through hyperloop will help college staff members to park at dispersed heaps quite a few miles from campus, exactly where land is inexpensive. By means of hyperloops, university president Musk would remedy the existential governance trouble outlined by Clark Kerr, that “the college is a series of particular person entrepreneurs held with each other by a widespread grievance about parking.”
  5. An Conclusion to Noisy Mowing Outdoors Our Places of work and Lecture rooms: As just one of his to start with acts as college president (after laying off half of the staff members) would be to mandate that all gasoline-run garden mowers are replaced by (Tesla-branded) electric powered mowers. These electric powered mowers are quiet and will guarantee that the college does its component to help you save the planet from an existential weather disaster.
  6. Tesla Robots to Address Campus Brief-Staffing: Common university leaders who came to their presidencies via tutorial careers have been not able to remedy the campus provider understaffing crisis. The excellent of pupil-struggling with solutions, this sort of as eating halls, has endured as universities have not been in a position to use and keep ample team. As college president, Elon Musk will be in a situation to resolve these concerns by changing as quite a few human campus staff as doable with Tesla robots (the Tesla Optimus Bot). Developments in synthetic intelligence and sensors will speed up the changeover of pricey college staff members to productive and cost-productive robots, lastly generating the situations to bend the better ed value curve and get rid of the college value illness.
  7. Satellite Martian Campus: As the new university president and the CEO of SpaceX, Musk will speed up strategies to construct new revenue-making satellite campuses. Unlike classic college leaders, Musk will leapfrog terrestrial-based campuses and boldly lead the educational colonization of Mars. Tuition pounds from billionaires intrigued in both of those a high-good quality degree and space vacation will develop a new and much-desired supply of college revenues.
  8. Changing College E-mail With DMs: If there is one particular point that absolutely everyone who operates at a college agrees on (outside of how horrible parking is), it is that e mail is the worst. As president, Musk will generously offer every single university school member, staff member and pupil with a discounted confirmed Twitter account. Right away after laying off fifty percent the workers and changing the gas-driven garden mowers with battery-run mowers, Musk will need that all college communications changeover from email to Twitter direct messages. The disappearance of prolonged emails that cc each probable stakeholder, changed by pithy DMs, will considerably enhance campus efficiency concentrations for remaining college personnel.

For too very long, colleges and universities have unsuccessful to find out from the most dynamic businesses and for-income leaders. Higher training has stubbornly unsuccessful to emulate the agility and innovation of fantastic providers these kinds of as Twitter.

By recruiting Elon Musk as the subsequent president, your university can demonstrate its dedication to disrupting alone.

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