21 Touchpoints That Increase Your Brand Visibility

What does it take to win you over? Let’s examine your relationships for a bit. Think about an ex-partner, a school teacher, a business provider or a good friend. I bet you if you take a moment, you’ll realize that they influence you in many different ways. Now, when you think of the deepest relationships you’ll realize that they’ve always flourished when you’ve been “touched” in more ways than one. A kiss, a hug, a phone call when it’s really needed the most. Touch is vital for both personal and business relationships.

Let’s take a simple example, such as banks. In New York (Manhattan) there is practically a bank at every corner. What’s more amazing is how they all seem to stay in business. Within a half-mile radius of Union Square you’ll find a JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, TD Bank, Bank of America, Wachovia, Capital One, and Emigrant. How to choose?

We become familiar with so many competitors through the advertising they’ve done. We see their commercials, walk past their billboards, read their ads in magazines, and hear their names mentioned by others. A variety of marketing vehicles gives us the “feeling” that they are reliable, here to stay and understand our needs.

That’s the benefit of multiple touchpoints. They remind your community that you’re around whenever you need them and they make sure that others know it, hear it, and see it, over and over and over again. Sometimes a client will meet you through one particular marketing sequence and then some time later take action to engage with you as a result of another. People make most spending decisions based on emotions. Good feelings generally result in good profits (and you can speed up that process).

Below is a list of touchpoints that you should consider for your business. How many are you using?

1) Website

2) Blog

3) Social Media

4) Newsletters

5) Emails/Email Signatures

6) Voicemails

7) Web Banner Ads

8) Business Cards

9) Speeches/public Speaking

10) Online Presentations

11) Networking Groups

12) Telephone

13) Word of Mouth

14) Direct Mail (postcards, letters)

15) Gifts/Products

16) Articles

17) Television (ads, DVD, Interviews)

18) Radio

19) Loyalty Programs (discounts/incentives)

20) Sponsorships/Contests

21) Exhibits, Expos, Panels, Showcases

All of these variables should have a place in your brand management planning. Each of them should also represent your company’s unique character, voice, look and difference. Some touchpoints interact with your client, some take care of them. All of them should exist in harmony working toward the same goals. Use these different levels of engagement to reinforce your brand at pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase experiences and you’ll see your visibility and profits increase.

Don’t be afraid to be touchy-feely. Your community is actually expecting it.